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Taiwanese Auction Company Sold on RFID

Bang Master Group—an auctioneer of luxury goods in Taiwan and China—has reduced its inventory counting time, as well as prevented errors and the potential for counterfeit goods, thanks to radio frequency identification.
By Claire Swedberg

Prior to the auction, Bang Master employees, with the help of EPC Solutions Taiwan personnel, temporarily install a moveable Alien ALR-9900+ RFID portal gate, through which every item is carried as it is brought out to the auction floor. At that time, the reader captures each tag's ID and transmits that information to the software in order to update the item's status as having been auctioned.

Buyers receive the certification of the goods matched to each tag's unique ID number. Each tag can then be removed by cutting the zip-tie holding it in place, while buyers can show that document to BMG in the event that a repair is needed. BMG personnel can input the ID number on the certification and automatically access all data related to that product's appraisal and auctioning.

If the item is not sold, auction workers use Atid 870 handheld readers to interrogate the tags so their ID numbers can be compared against the list of goods purchased. In this way, the company can make sure that every item not sold is still present.

"The process works fine," Yuan states. "The greatest benefit is to shorten the inventory time after auction."

While he says it previously took four individuals three hours to conduct the post-auction inventory count of unsold items, that task can now be accomplished in half an hour by two employees armed with the handhelds. The system also prevents errors, he adds. "Staff members are very tired after auction," Yuan explains, "and that means mistakes happen often." With the RFID solution, however, the reading of tags has eliminated such errors. In addition, he says, "the rental fee of the hotel is expensive. We hope to shorten the rental time as much as possible," by reducing the amount of time workers spend counting inventory.

The technology also helps to foster credibility with the company's buyers and sellers, by ensuring that no items are swapped with counterfeit versions.

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