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RFID Identifies Drunk Individuals Before They Drive

Zouk, a popular Singapore nightclub, has tested a solution that uses sensors in men's urinals, as well as RFID-enabled valet parking stubs, alert the staff to any customers who should not be allowed to drive themselves home.
By Claire Swedberg

During the pilot, as a male patron arrived at the club, he was provided with a valet ticket containing an embedded passive UHF RFID transponder. As that customer used the urinal throughout the evening, the sensors in the toilet determined the amount of alcohol in his urine. If that number exceeded the legal limit, the sensor transmitted a prompt via a wired connection to a computer, also wired to the ThingMagic reader—which, in turn, wrote that information to the patron's ticket. The sensor then instantly reset, thereby allowing consecutive readings.

For those possibly unfit to drive, the system displayed an alert on a video monitor above the urinal, stating: "You may have had one too many to drive. Call a cab, or use our drive home service."

If a customer's blood-alcohol level exceeded the legal limit, the sensor sent a prompt to a computer wired to an RFID reader, which wrote this information to that person's ticket.
An additional interrogator was mounted at the parking area in front of the nightclub. This device read every male patron's card, and a screen displayed any warnings of high blood-alcohol levels, enabling the valet staff to determine whether or not to turn over each individual's car keys.

DDB Group Singapore provides its clients with digital-engagement, data-mining and content-development services. The strategy behind the Pee Analyser solution, the agency explains, is to catch drunk drivers by surprise, before they begin driving. "DDB and Zouk had been in close communication for several months" in an effort to develop a solution, says Joji Jacob, DDB Group Singapore's group executive creative director. "We also understood that Zouk was an advocate for anti-drunk driving, and was keen to take a pro-active step to addressing the problem."

Zouk already offered a drive-home service for patrons who were visibly intoxicated, or who requested such assistance, Jacob says. "Pee Analyser was created in collaboration with Zouk to take this cause a step further," he states.

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