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TAMOCO Provides Analytics About NFC Use

The London startup focuses on Near Field Communication RFID tags and services designed to help its clients—retailers and product marketers—learn more about consumer behavior.
By Claire Swedberg
Feb 19, 2013TAMOCO is providing Near Field Communication (NFC) radio frequency identification solutions that feature business analytics software to help the company's clients (retailers and product marketers) learn more about the behavior of consumers who read NFC RFID tags deployed by those clients. Data could include trends related to users' interest in a specific product, based on which tags were read, as well as when and where this occurred.

While NFC solutions have been cropping up in London over the past few years, including those for mobile payment and ticketing, TAMOCO aims to provide its solution with analytics regarding where and when consumers tap the tags with their NFC-enabled smartphones, not only at its clients' sites but also at other locations. The startup company provides end-to-end solutions—consisting not only of NFC tags in a variety of form factors, but also a server that its clients can log onto in order to access trending data related to which of their tags are being tapped at which particular times, as well as where their users have tapped other businesses' tags. The company also assists in developing the NFC-based campaign, and programs the tags to direct NFC-enabled phones and tablet PCs to the appropriate data, video or Web sites.

TAMOCO's Maximilian Birner
TAMOCO is an acronym derived from the words Tag Mobile Company. The firm was founded in 2012, in London, by Maximilian Birner and Sam Amrani, to meet the growing market for NFC technology as a greater number of mobile phones are equipped with NFC readers, and as NFC RFID-based ticketing and mobile-payment solutions are being offered in the United Kingdom. TAMOCO's solution is intended for marketing purposes, as opposed to payment systems.

Since its founding a year ago, the company has completed a series of trials—including embedding NFC tags into business cards, and conducting a series of tests for a book publisher in which tags were hidden and contest participants had to locate them in order to earn the prize of a free book. According to Birner, TAMOCO now has 15 clients in the process of deploying its solutions. Those clients will begin tagging products, posters, entryways or other locations throughout the next two months.

While a variety of vendors offer NFC solutions, Birner says, TAMOCO differentiates itself by providing software to track data regarding behavior related to NFC reads. Every time an NFC tag is tapped, he explains, the TAMOCO software records that event and produces related trending data for its clients. For example, if an individual phone-tapped an NFC sticker at a coffeehouse, and then at a hotel, TAMOCO could provide each of those businesses with information regarding customer behavior—such as the number of hotel guests who also frequent that coffeehouse, and who purchase specific drinks.

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