Are Flexible RFID Tags Costly?

By RFID Journal


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This article was originally published by RFID Update.

January 9, 2005—Verisign CEO Stratton Sclavos was interviewed in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle. While much of the interview is devoted to issues like Internet oversight, increasing cyberterrorism and e-fraud, and online child safety, the last few questions address Verisign’s role in managing the grandly named “Internet of Things.” (For those new to the concept, the Internet of Things refers to the visionary RFID-enabled network in which every individual consumer good is tagged and tracked, facilitating the instant lookup of a particular item’s location, history, product specifications, and more. More information is available from Verisign’s site and EPCglobal’s whitepaper overview.)

Sclavos readily acknowledges that Verisign doesn’t expect to generate revenue from its role in RFID until 2007. Not only does he believe it will take that long before read rates improve to the point where goods can be dependably tracked without errors or the need for human intervention, he points to Verisign’s own responsibility for building out the enormous network infrastructure that will support the Internet of Things, a process that will take years. But even in the face of these seemingly herculean tasks, the Verisign CEO convincingly reiterates his enthusiasm for the vision’s potential, plainly noting that the $600 billion in annual revenue currently lost to imperfect supply chain management is at stake.

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