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Agriculture/Livestock News

  • USDA APHIS Proceeds With RFID Deployment Timeline

    The agency is launching pilots of the technology for cattle tracking, while offering to share the cost of RFID deployments with U.S. states as they transition from metal ear tags to RFID-enabled LF and UHF tags that can be read via handheld or fixed portal readers.

  • LoRaWAN Brings IoT Connectivity to Rural U.S.

    Internet of Things startup IoT America is selling an IoT network to extend wireless coverage for rural users such as farmers who want access to data about sensors, enabling the monitoring of assets, conditions, and tank or grain elevator levels in real time.

  • Wide Rollout of IoT Soil-Moisture Sensors in the Works

    Sensoterra is employing Kerlink's reference design to build LoRaWAN sensors that can be provided to farmers, horticulturists and landscapers with a real-time soil-moisture managing system to reduce water consumption, chemical needs, fuel and labor.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Atlas RFID Solutions launches new track-and-trace software; JADAK releases handheld barcode scanner with RFID functionality; Silicon Labs, Notion partner on IoT smart-home sensor; BehrTech intros wireless IIoT connectivity brand and product family; LoRa Alliance expands LoRaWAN certification program for IoT devices; ABI Research report says IoT tech taking root in agriculture.

  • Startup Provides NB-IoT Reindeer Ear Tag for Real-Time Location

    Herders are testing a solution from Anicare that provides location data about the animals as they graze and migrate through the forests of Finland, thereby preventing unnecessary loss of livestock if they wander away from the herd or stop moving.

  • Brazilian Partners Invest in IoT for Agribusiness

    Embratel, Claro, Embrapa and the Eldorado Research Institute have signed an agreement to offer solutions that will be created at Embrapa's farm in Jaguariúna.

  • Blockchain Platform Leverages RFID Solution for Inventory Management

    Citizens Reserve is providing its blockchain solution, enabled by Smartrac's Cosmos software, to the livestock and retail markets, so users can share data with other supply chain members and consumers to validate the conditions of animals and meat.

  • LoRa Solution Offers Wireless View Into Soil Health

    A handful of growers and other food companies are piloting a wireless sensor system from Teralytic that uses Semtech LoRaWAN chips built into sensor probes to capture and interpret data about a farm's soil conditions, including temperature, moisture and fertilizer levels.

  • Atlanta Seeks IoT Innovators for Agtech Solutions

    The IoT.ATL AgTech Challenge is accepting applications from Internet of Things and agriculture technology startups for a 12-month project to address food shortages and costs in urban areas.

  • RFID Goes Out to Pasture, Matching Ewes With Lambs

    Texas A&M researchers are testing technology from Sapien to capture the identities of ewes and their lambs in Australia, and to match the families together based on their activity.

  • Cattle Industry to Weigh In on RFID in Washington State

    The Washington State Department of Agriculture will schedule a period of public comment, after proposing in December that all cattle in the state must wear an LF RFID ear tag to help identify them in the event of disease outbreaks.

  • Cattle Ranching Gains from IoT-based Intelligence

    Chipsafer has completed two African pilots of its LoRa technology-powered system to locate cattle on large ranches and track their behavior; similar pilots in Europe, South America and Australia are ongoing.

  • New Zealand Farm Cuts Water and Energy Consumption With IoT

    WaterForce's SCADAfarm system, using Schneider Electric technology, allows cattle, sheep and vegetable producer BlackHills Farm to remotely monitor the watering level and conditions of crops, in order to provide the correct amount of water at every location at all times.

  • Scottish Mackerel Factories, Norwegian Researchers Track Fish Health via RFID

    The LF system, provided by RFID Solutions, is enabling researchers in Norway and factories on both coasts of the North Sea to track populations of mackerel being caught.

  • IoT Agricultural Specialist Helps Australian Nursery Become More Profitable

    Cameron's Nursery personnel report improved error detection and crop yields thanks to a solution from Agnov8 that uses Libelium's wireless sensors.

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