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  • Cashing In on Contactless Sporting Events

    There are many benefits to adopting a cashless payment system that enables spectators to use RFID cards to pay for food, beverages and other items. Here's what you need to know.

  • EPCIS Implementers Need to Clean Up Their Data

    One hundred percent of first-time exchanges of EPCIS events between companies contained errors. If not corrected, such mistakes could jeopardize the promise of tracking and tracing.

  • Beyond the Basics

    Innovative RFID applications can deliver more benefits and a faster ROI.

  • Lessons From Air Safety

    RFID could be the food supply chain's equivalent of the flight data recorder.

  • AspireRFID Can Lower Deployment Costs

    The project, involving academic and research institutions across Europe, has developed free open-source RFID middleware, and is currently working to create a range of tools to facilitate RFID deployment.

  • Brother, Can You Spare a Tag?

    A recession is the right time for RFID innovation.

  • How to Realize the Full Potential of EPCIS

    EPC Information Service applications are powerful tools for maximizing the value of an EPC RFID deployment, and the EPCIS Validation Portal service can help expedite the deployment and implementation of EPCIS.

  • The Business Case for Attacks Against RFID Applications

    The goal of instituting RFID security measures should be to find a balance between an investment in security and the resulting business benefits.

  • Protecting EPC Tags

    In the short term, companies could use a transponder ID written to every microchip to ensure the authenticity of an EPC tag.

  • The Reality Search Engine

    While Google is great at finding written or recorded information, it can't deliver when it comes to real-time, real-life events. RFID could change that.

  • If at First You Don't Succeed

    Companies should keep an open mind about RFID applications.

  • How to Deploy a Nine-Party EPCIS Network Within Two Months

    A recent demonstration showed just how easy it is to use the Electronic Product Code Information Services standard to solve real supply chain business problems.

  • A Blueprint for Success

    As some European companies shift from trials to deployment, they're developing a corporate plan for RFID adoption.

  • Opening Up the Network

    Open-source simulation software will enable the RFID community to help develop and learn to use the Internet of Things.

  • Cashless in Europe

    Will London's consumers and businesses embrace RFID payment systems? European contactless providers want to know.

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