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  • DOD Reaffirms Its RFID Goals

    By Mark Roberti

    The message at this week's DOD RFID Summit in Washington is that the U.S. Department of Defense is steadfast regarding its plans for deploying the technology.

  • EU's Decision Not to Legislate RFID is Conditional

    On Monday law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge hosted a luncheon in Washington, DC, whose aim was to discuss implications of the recent decision by the EU not to formally legislate RFID technology for the time being. Among other highlights, an EU representative noted that the decision is effectively a conditional one.

  • Spain's Post Office Improves Delivery Speed

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A UHF RFID system tracks letters moving through processing centers and identifies where mail delivery slows down, enabling the postal service to correct procedural problems.

  • Indian Retailer Uses RFID on Garments

    By Claire Swedberg

    Tagging individual items reduces theft, cuts the time required for taking inventory and speeds up sales transactions.

  • Sirit Lands $2m RFID Contract for California Toll Roads

    RFID hardware and solutions provider Sirit announced today that it has been awarded a $2 million contract from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Beginning in the second quarter of this year the Toronto-based company will deliver RFID transponders to the OCTA over the course of three years.

  • At Wayne Memorial, RFID Pays for Itself

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The hospital's new RFID system uses active UHF RFID tags to track about 1,300 medical devices.

  • Wal-Mart, Univ. of Ark., Blue Cross to Create Research Center for Health-Care Logistics

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The center's mission will be to study ways RFID and other information technologies can be applied to the health-care industry's procurement and distribution processes.

  • RFID Journal Announces Winners of First RFID Journal Awards

    By Andrew Price

    Hewlett-Packard, DHL and Dow AgroSciences to be honored at RFID Journal LIVE! 2007, RFID Journal's fifth annual conference and exhibition.

  • Open Source RFID Projects to Integrate

    RFID applications company Pramari has teamed with the University of Arkansas to offer what the two are calling "a comprehensive open source offering for RFID".

  • Tracking Construction Cranes in Real-Time

    By Claire Swedberg

    Stafford Tower Crane is using an active RFID system from AssetPulse to track the location of cranes and components at construction sites.

  • New Tag Aims to Protect Consumer Privacy

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Mikoh says both consumers and retailers will benefit from its new product tag designs.

  • RFID Helps Keep Avocados Fresh

    By Claire Swedberg

    Chilean avocado producer Rio Blanco is using RFID temperature sensors to ensure the fruit is kept at the proper temperature during shipment to the United States.

  • Gun Maker Hits the Mark with RFID

    By Beth Bacheldor

    FN Manufacturing has complied with the DOD's RFID mandate by integrating RFID with its back-end systems.

  • RFID World Reveals Opportunity Outside Mandates

    This year's RFID World demonstrated that vendor and end-user focus has shifted away from compliance, to the point that asset tracking and closed loop implementions have established themselves as the applications de jour for the RFID industry.

  • RFID Helps Passengers Get a Seat on Lufthansa Flights

    By Rhea Wessel

    The German airline is using RFID to speed up the process of switching between business-class and economy-class seats, based on real-time demand, on intercontinental flights to and from Frankfurt.

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