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Automotive News

  • RFID Locates Press Tools at Auto Parts Factory

    Voestalpine Polynorm installed RFID readers and antennas on one of its plant's cranes and tagged 8,000 press tools, enabling the company to prevent production delays.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Radley adds Omni-ID RFID technology to its solutions for manufacturers ••• Metalcraft expands RFID label service ••• Thinfilm, Jones to develop smart packaging for pharmaceuticals ••• Jadak acquires SkyeTek ••• DNP, Phoenix Solution announce new on-metal RFID tags ••• Swedish grocery retailer ICA Nära Norrviken tests NFC price labels ••• Gentex to integrate TransCore's Universal Toll Module in rearview mirrors.

  • Texas Direct Auto Manages Vehicles Via RFID

    The technology has helped the car and truck reseller track its refurbishing processes, ensure that no vehicles end up missing, solve thefts and improve customer service.

  • Michelin Ramps Up Tagging Program, Launches RFID-based App

    To support that effort, the company adopted a high-speed, wide-band tag-testing system and released a hosted RFID-based solution for tracking tire air pressure.

  • Xerafy Releases Its Smallest On-Metal RFID Tags

    No bigger than a grain of rice, the new XXS tags are tiny enough to be embedded in very small medical tools, and have a read range of 1.6 to 2 feet.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Thinfilm, G World introduce smart wine bottle solution ••• Smartrac releases DogBone, ShortDipole tags based on Monza R6 chip ••• Canada's University Health Network to use Haldor RFID system to manage surgical instruments ••• Teijin develops new medical device management RFID solutions ••• Industry groups promote RFID to reform, automate and accelerate tire recalls ••• NeWave's Wave RFID antenna evolved from New Horizons technology.

  • NXP Releases IC for Secure Encrypted UHF Reads

    The company's Ucode DNA chip, which can be read via most standard UHF readers, transmits a dynamic, encrypted password that prevents a tag from being read without authorization, as well as precludes it from being cloned.

  • Porsche Uses RFID to Track Prototype Testing, Improve Security

    The car manufacturer is tracking which components are installed in its prototype vehicles, and is monitoring the cars' locations to reduce their chances of being seen by unauthorized parties.

  • Audi Launches RFID Deployment for Tracking Assembled Vehicles Worldwide

    The carmaker has already installed the system at its Hungarian facility, enabling management to view where each car is in the finishing, storage and shipping processes, and reducing labor for drivers who locate and transport the vehicles.

  • NXP Seeks to Drive NFC Phone App Use in Cars

    The semiconductor company says its new controller is the first in a portfolio of products aimed at helping app developers and automakers bring NFC-activated features and functions to the automotive market.

  • Volkswagen Group's Uruguayan Importer Improves Efficiency Through RFID

    The company is already using passive UHF tags to track tools, and expects sometime next year to begin tagging the Audi and Volkswagen cars it sells and maintains.

  • Hong Kong Electroplating Company Speeds Up Production With RFID

    Jing Mei Industrial is using passive UHF tags and readers to better track workflow.

  • RFID Speeds Police Vehicles Through Assembly

    Troy Design and Manufacturing is expanding an EPC UHF RFID system to track the movements of Ford vehicles through 10 or more procedures that modify the cars for use by police forces.

  • Aston Martin to Present Keynote Session at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2014

    The event, to be held on Oct. 23, in London, England, will highlight leading companies' radio frequency identification deployments in the region, and demonstrate the latest technology solutions.

  • RFID Improves Efficiency and Transparency at Rehau's Bumper Factory

    The German auto parts manufacturer is tracking its work-in-progress at eight plants worldwide, ensuring the automotive bumpers it produces are accurately made to order.

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