Zebra Unveils Mobile Computers for Retail, Logistics

By Edson Perin

The RFID company's TC21 and TC26 devices, designed to increase productivity in these sectors, are aimed at businesses of all sizes.

RFID reader maker  Zebra Technologies has launched a pair of corporate mobile computers known as the TC21 and the TC26, aimed primarily at the retail and logistics sectors. The equipment was developed specifically for Latin American businesses, taking into account the needs of companies in the current world and offering a solution to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic—namely, maintaining social distancing and boosting efficiencies.

The high demand for e-commerce has forced companies to have more agile and secure processes, greater consistency between sales channels and faster delivery options. It has also become necessary to maximize efficiency with fewer employees in the workplace, with workers maintaining social distancing and avoiding physical contact as much as possible. Zebra's new releases feature an Android-based operating system and are intended to offer a solution to these challenges.

Zebra Technologies' TC2x family

"The TC21 and TC26 improve the productivity and efficiency of workers from companies of all sizes, including small and medium-sized ones, since the functionalities and applications can be adapted according to a client's needs," says Vanderlei Ferreira, the president of Zebra Brazil. The integrated scanner, the high-quality voice transmission and the various wireless connectivity options of the devices are intended to keep workers and decision makers in touch, without the need for personnel to physically approach each other.

The system is designed to allow the evolution of workflows without interruptions, Zebra reports, providing efficiency to a business's entire operation. With long-lasting batteries, the devices can cover 10- to 14-hour shifts. The batteries are removable and can be charged without requiring the equipment to stop functioning. Since the units are resistant to falls and external factors, such as dust and rainwater, they can be utilized for both internal and external operations.

"The new devices in the TC2x family provide companies with a significant return on investment, both in the short and long terms," says Paulo Takahashi, a sales engineer at Zebra Brazil. "Due to the pandemic, companies must adapt their operations to recover not only their businesses, but also the economy as a whole. Mobile technology solutions bring visibility, efficiency and, consequently, better customer service."