Where Can I Find RFID Padlocks?

By RFID Journal

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I am looking for an RFID-enabled padlock that a customer can purchase and use on a regular lock. Is there such a thing available?

—Name withheld


The only solution I am aware of is from German lock manufacturer Buga Technologies. Buga’s BINoXX DK 4100 Smart RFID Electronic Cylinder, first introduced in 2002, can be used to replace mechanical locks so that existing contactless RFID-based access-control systems can work with doors previously requiring keys.

In 2005, the company introduced a new version that supported passive contactless cards, while previous versions supported only active RFID key cards. The BINoXX DK 4100 Smart RFID Electronic Cylinder can replace a mechanical cylinder in a door, but I am not aware of any padlocks that open with an RFID card.

If our readers are aware of such a product, please provide information. Thanks.

—Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal