Walki 4E Technology—A Solution for Sustainable RFID

Published: February 26, 2013

RFID antennas are traditionally produced in a wet, chemical-based process using etching technology. As is well known, the etching process has many limitations when it comes to speed, environmental sustainability, the feasibility of web materials and production economy. Committed to finding solutions that are both functional and sustainable, Walki challenged the traditional process with an entirely new approach, based on its thorough technological expertise in laminates and bold, out-of-the box thinking. The result is unique and superior technology, based on special lamination and laser patterning. Walki has coined a proprietary method, Walki 4E—a new, innovative manufacturing process for flexible circuit boards with potential applications ranging from RFID antennas to solar cells and batteries. At this phase, Walki 4E will be used for UHF RFID antennas, for which it offers numerous advantages compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Sami Liponkoski, Busiiness Line Manager, 4E Technology, Walki Group