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Health Care
Hospital Security from the Front Door to the Bedside

Ensuring Hospital Security from Front Door to Bedside

Unified systems that combine video, access control, communication systems, sensors and more can bolster hospital efficiencies, security and…

Expert Views February 27
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

RFID Surveillance Less Threat than Perception

While the technology can identify and track objects, its use to monitor humans has proven to be rare…

News December 13
Rich Handley

The White House’s IoT Labeling Program

The Biden-Harris Administration expects to roll out a national cybersecurity program next spring to safeguard consumers against Internet…

Editor's Views October 31
Jon Guy

RFID Tags vs. Bluetooth Trackers in the Privacy Debate

Organizations considering asset-tracking options must take into account a system's effectiveness and ensure the privacy and safety of…

Expert Views May 8
BLE Smart Cities

BLE, Iris identification Bring Privacy Protection to Egyptian Data Centers

Four centers in the nation's capital city are deploying a solution from EyeLock to enable the secure detection…

News June 16

App Discovers Internet of Things Devices, Alerts Consumers

Carnegie Mellon University's IoT Assistant provides GPS-based alerts regarding devices within a person's vicinity and offers options for…

News February 8
Health Care

An Injection of Common Sense

A new video currently circulating falsely claims COVID-19 vaccines will contain RFID chips intended to track everyone who…

Editor's Views December 7

A Not-So-Novel Idea Involving RFID

An implausible new self-published science fiction novel is based around the silly premise of radio frequency identification being…

Editor's Views September 18

India’s New RFID Passports

The nation is poised to require all of its citizens to obtain electronic passports with embedded RFID technology…

Editor's Views August 17
Social Distancing

Active RFID Delivers Contact Tracing Without Fixed Infrastructure

German technology startup Compike is selling its social-distancing tracker technology through partners around the world to provide plug-and-play…

News July 21