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Tageos RFID Journal Live 2024

Tageos Sets Focus on Sustainability and Performance for RFID

  Tageos brought a message of sustainability, new engineering and partnerships to RFID Journal LIVE in Las Vegas…

News April 26
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Hotel Hackers Unsaflok Dormakaba Safloks

Hackers Show Vulnerabilities of RFID-Based Hotel Door Locks

Researchers exploited weaknesses in both Dormakaba’s encryption and the underlying RFID system used In a scenario that feels…

News April 2
2024 CES car sensors Matthias Feulner NXP radar SAF86xx SmartMicro System-on Chip Zendar

New NXP Radar Features Connect Software-Defined Vehicles

Companies are now sampling a new SoC that networks car sensors, enabling data fusing and over-the-air updates for…

News January 17