Health Care

ROI in Biospecimen Tracking Thrives with RFID

Health Industry Insights' Eric Newmark explains in this guest contribution how a cancer research facility in France is reaping substantial return on investment through its RFID tagging of high-value biospecimens. The technology could end up saving the facility $3 million on a tag spend of just $32,000.

Smaller, Cheaper, Longer-Lasting RTLS Tags Hit Market

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) provider Ekahau today released the third generation of its tag product, the T301-A Wi-Fi tag. The new tag sports a number of significant improvements over the second generation, including a longer battery life, smaller form factor, and cheaper price tag.

What the FDA Announcement Means for RFID

Friday's announcement by the FDA caused a stir throughout the RFID industry, which is asking what this development means in the near term for e-pedigree and RFID adoption in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The answer: not much.

FDA Announces Pharma RFID Recommendations

The US Food and Drug Administration today released a highly anticipated report with recommendations for combating the issue of countfeit pharmaceuticals. This article contains the need-to-know points.