SML Retail RFID Inlays

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SML RFID develops state-of-the-art, cost effective RFID inlays for retail applications.


Their latest inlay line offers a variety of specifications that allow finished tags to be attached to almost anything—from pallets and cases to individual items such as apparel and luggage, depending on a retailer’s specific needs. Designed to resonate on multiple frequencies, these inlays are versatile enough to be used in heavy load cases such as stacks of denim jeans, medium load cases such as polybags, or simple apparel hang tags.

SML partners with NXP, Impinj and Alien to allow buyers to choose the integrated circuits (IC) that will work best for their application. The choice in IC provides buyers with data format options, as well as a choice in features such as passwords, kill commands and encryption.

SML’s retail RFID inlays come in three categories:

• GB1
• GB3
• GB4

GB3 inlays in particular have antennas that measure just 50 x 30 mm, making them the optimal size to fit just about any of the different types of retail hang tags and labels used all around the world. It also emits an omnidirectional signal, which eliminates blind spots for RFID readers and allows retailers to more easily track products throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition, all of SML’s retail RFID inlays are ARC certified by the RFID Lab at Auburn University. In fact, two inlays in the GB3 category – the GB3U7 and GB3R6 – are the only inlays on the market that meet all 11 standards defined by the ARC program for RF performance.

For more information, please visit SML at RFID Journal Live! in booth #504.