SML Group Delivers Retail RFID Inlays and Labels with the Latest Impinj Monza R6 Chip

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New SML RFID inlays and labels based on advanced Impinj Monza R6 technology


Today, leading RFID technology and solution provider SML Group announced the availability of its new GB3R6 50*30mm inlay, the latest in a family of inlays based on Impinj RFID IC designs. This inlay has been certified by the University of Auburn RFID Lab, and includes the all-important Category ‘F’ which is required by most retail operations.

The inlay will be used in all types of labels, including SML’s multicolor, high-resolution RFID integrated labels. These high-quality labels, which can be delivered within ten days from any of SML’s 17 global Service Bureaus, have the RFID inlay embedded inside and are based on off-set and digital print. The labels also will be offered in less expensive Flexographic and Thermal print versions. In addition to the integrated labels, the GB3R6 inlay may be used in SML’s fabric labels, hang tickets and paper stickers.

The tag development was done in the context of an overall solutions approach to addressing retail customers’ pain points, in conjunction with SML’s best-in-breed Clarity™ solution offering, which includes RFID reader technology from various SML partners. This solutions-based approach has been proven to provide the highest success rate by enabling retailers to increase sales, reduce shrink, reduce inventory and implement various omnichannel models.

The new SML inlays and labels, which are already in use in pilot deployment, expand SML Group’s robust offering of RFID tags and labels trusted by the top fashion brands and many of the largest retailers in the world. A proven leader in retail deployments, SML delivered more than 500M RFID tags and labels in 2015 alone.

“SML’s comprehensive RFID product expertise, combined with the unique features and performance of the Impinj Monza R6 chip, delivers new functionality to retail inventory management,” said Craig Cotton, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Impinj. “The SML GB4R6 inlay gives retailers a broad choice in the size and material of their RFID hang tags, making it suitable for all types of tickets and labels that will be attached to apparel garments.”

“As the leading global, full-service RFID solution provider, SML is trusted by the world’s biggest names in retail,” said Dean Few, Chief Technology Officer and Sr. Vice President of RFID Solutions for SML Group. “SML chose to design our latest integrated RFID labels around the Monza R6 technology in order to deliver the most cutting-edge features available, optimizing retail RFID ROI from the source to the store.”

SML’s GB4R6 inlay has a footprint of 1.84 x 0.63 in (45 x 16 mm) to fit many different sizes of hang tags. SML’s network of worldwide Service Bureaus reliably delivers imprinted, encoded RFID stickers, hang tags and fabric care labels to custom specifications when and where needed, or as may be better known, ‘close to the needle.’ The Impinj AutoTune™ technology is a perfect complement to SML’s global footprint, enabling tag performance to automatically adjust for best possible readability across various product categories.

The new integrated label will be shown in the Impinj Booth #504 and the SML Booth #720 at the RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition, May 3-5 in Orlando, Florida.

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As the leading full-service RFID solution provider, SML is a trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and top fashion brands, delivering proven results and rapid ROI for our customers. SML offers a broad spectrum of certified RFID-enabled labels, tags, stickers and inlays from the largest global network of source-tagging service bureaus. SML Intelligent Inventory Solution’s Clarity™ enterprise-class platform has best-in-class features and functionality for RFID deployment in-store and throughout the retail supply chain.

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