SMARTRAC presents industry’s first passive moisture-level sensing inlay

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SMARTRAC has launched SENSOR DOGBONE, the industry's first passive UHF moisture-sensing inlay.


Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Austin (Texas), March 2015 – RFID technology leader SMARTRAC has launched SENSOR DOGBONE, the industry’s first passive UHF moisture-sensing inlay. This innovative product results from SMARTRAC’s cooperation with sensor specialist RFMicron.

The inlay SENSOR DOGBONE is specially designed to measure moisture conditions in industrial environments, and offers significant possibilities for enhancing production control, quality control and maintenance in many different industries, such as construction, energy, healthcare or automotive production.

It can also be deployed in environments where active or semi-active sensors are not practical or economically feasible, and it works on different low and high dielectric materials like cardboard, plastics, stone, wood and construction material. All in all SENSOR DOGBONE boasts a long lifetime and full recyclability.

SMARTRAC will supply SENSOR DOGBONE in dry, wet and label format to suit all converting industry needs. The product complies with all relevant industry standards and strict quality control parameters. It is based on the RFMicron Magnus® S chip, and works in the 860-960 MHz frequency range. The inlay’s die-cut size is 97 x 27 mm (3.8 x 1.1 in), with an antenna measuring 89 x 24 mm (3.5 x 0.9 in).

“RFMicron’s collaboration with SMARTRAC provides customers with a new sensor choice that opens up a wide range of applications and environments. Passive, easy to deploy, and inexpensive sensor inlays can now be utilized across numerous industries including construction, energy, healthcare and automotive to help make the Internet of Things a reality,” said Hal Steele, Vice President Global Sales, RFMicron.

“SENSOR DOGBONE represents state of the art in passive RFID sensing suitable for high-volume production. The 2-in-1-design of chip and sensor keeps it simple and cost-efficient. We are looking forward to jointly developing further smart sensing solutions to enable enhanced, affordable and robust technology,” said Samuli Stromberg, Vice President Segment Industry, SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

SMARTRAC SENSOR DOGBONE is available with immediate effect.

Learn more about the new SENSOR DOGBONE inlay and discover SMARTRAC’s innovative RFID solutions @ RFID JOURNAL LIVE, booth #612, 15 – 17 April 2015, Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA.

About RFMicron
RFMicron produces ICs that enable a new class of low-cost, wireless, microcontroller-free, battery-free sensors. These autonomous chips incorporate RF energy harvesting and sensing circuits that detect and respond to a variety of environmental stimuli. These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary to drive pervasive deployment into very-high-volume applications, e.g. for the automotive, construction, energy and healthcare industries.

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