Savi Visibility™

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Savi Visibility™ Harnesses Billions of Data Streams to Illuminate Supply Chains


We are looking forward to seeing you at RFID Journal Live in Phoenix May 9-11. This conference will be a great time to alert you about a new product offering from Savi, a pioneer in sensor data analytic solutions.

Any number of companies can use EDI to put dots on a map, what Savi does is much more exciting, Savi Visibility™ provides live streaming multimodal supply chain visibility. Savi Visibility™ combines data streams from any sensor, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — with powerful analytics and machine learning to predict shipping ETA that are ten times more accurate than planned ETA. CPG, Pharma, US DoD, and governments around the globe trust Savi to optimize logistics, prevent supply chain disruptions, reduce fraud, and use predictive intelligence to improve revenue and profitability for billions of dollars of assets in their supply chains.

If increasing supply chain visibility, reducing risk and improving downstream event coordination is a priority for your organization, I’d recommend you schedule some time to evaluate Savi Visibility™. You can reach them via email at