SAG SP Metal Tag is all-direction when placed in/on/behind metal

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SP Metal Tag is a revolutionary UHF tag solution for not just on-metal tracking, but also all-purpose applications.

This tag is capable of reversing the interference caused by the metallic surface to become its steering power. This feature is impossible among RFID industry worldwide but our design makes it come true!!
Under specific circumstances, you can track the metallic object/ assets from all directions with a stable performance and the reading distance is up to 10 meters. It is also possible to install the tag on or behind a curved surface, such as a cylinder, for asset management or tracking purposes.

To place a tag on a metal surface, this function can only be achieved with the help of the unique design of our UHF antenna which provides excellent reading performance, even the tag is installed behind the metal casing. With all these possibilities, the tag poses itself to less risk of being damaged and reading performance is still good. SP Metal Tag can even be read when placed underground no deeper than 50cm.