Rubicon Labs, Toppan Printing Partner to Enable Secure Cloud-to-Client Security for IoT, Automotive Markets

By IOT Journal

Rubicon's newly announced Secure Identity Platform, paired with Toppan's networked devices, enables highly scalable identity management.

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Rubicon Labs, a leader in secure identity services for IoT devices, has announced a strategic partnership with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest printing companies and Japan`s leading smart card and secure solution provider.

Rubicon’s newly announced Secure Identity Platform, paired with Toppan’s networked devices, forms a seamless and secure ecosystem to enable highly scalable identity management. Enabling secure identity for users enables Internet of Things (IoT) device makers, automotive manufacturers and service providers to create add-on subscription services that generate new revenue streams and enable new business models.

Under the framework of the strategic partnership, Toppan will sell its secure device personalization services and devices utilizing Rubicon’s Secure Identity Platform to establish secure identity to enterprises in the Japanese automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

The Rubicon Labs Secure Identity Platform consists of two complementary components:

The Rubicon Identity Service (RIS), a scalable cloud service that enables control, management, and visualization of any Rubicon-enabled device and corresponding cryptographic keys.

The Rubicon Identity Agent (RIA), a CPU-agnostic security abstraction layer that resides on gateways, low-resource microcontroller devices, automotive electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors.

Toppan, which has over 100 years of experience in security printing since its founding in 1900, will leverage its considerable security and trust experience to enable secure Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to IoT and automotive enterprises using Rubicon identities. OEMs can control, add, revoke, and add devices using Rubicon Identities to provide targeted OTAs to specific devices and locations.

“When trust and security are paramount, companies and governments have turned to Toppan for secure, mission critical solutions,” said Richard Egan, CEO of Rubicon Labs. “Billions of automobiles and connected devices will come online in the next few years and Toppan is uniquely positioned to provision secure solutions to these devices.”

Egan added, “Rubicon Labs is delighted to partner with Toppan to bring our cloud- based Secure Identity Platform to the large and fast-growing Japanese market.”

“Rubicon Labs has built a very innovative cloud based security solution for automotive and IoT,” said Masuhide Takabatake, General Manager of Toppan. “We are very happy to cooperate with Rubicon to introduce their Secure Identity Platform to solutions for the Japanese marketplace.”

The Rubicon Labs Secure Identity Platform is available for download at It combines simple API documentation for both the RIA, the RIS, and downloadable RIA binaries for a variety of target devices.