Volkswagen Brazil Improves Asset Utilization and Inventory Control With RFID and IoT

RFID Journal Award 2020 Winner: Best Manufacturing Implementation. Volkswagen do Brasil produces more than 23 million vehicles, exporting over 3.7 million vehicles, and producing domestic sales in excess of 19 million units. The company has three vehicle plants and one engine plant, as well as a widespread sales and distribution network, with more than 500 dealers. In addition to launching new cars, they must maintain the spare parts of old models for at least 10 years, often turning to external suppliers to produce parts. There are approximately 60,000 assets with suppliers, whose assets and production are managed by VW. The firm is using RFID and IoT technology to control asset utilization and improve inventory control. Key takeaways: Learn how the use of RFID has resulted in a 95% reduction on inventory count costs. Hear how the firm is controlling the inventory effectively and efficiently when the assets are at the supplier , thereby eliminating the possibility of black-market replication.

Speaker: Denis Pinto, Purchasing Executive, Volkswagen Brazil