Visibility Track: Reducing Out-of-Stocks With RFID

By Doug

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The University of Parma's RFID Lab has completed the second phase of a project designed to test RFID's potential to increase turnover rates at retail and manufacturing organizations, by reducing and preventing out-of-stocks on store shelves. A variety of food and fast-moving consumer goods companies have participated in the project, which mainly involves Auchan's distribution center in Calcinate (in Italy's Bergamo Province), as well as at two of its retail hypermarkets. The DC affixed EPC Gen 2 RFID tags to approximately 5,000 cases of 60 different types of fresh and dry goods. In this video, recorded at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2011, learn how the pilot focused on the replenishment processes at the retail stores, and how RFID was used to monitor stock levels, both in the stores' back-room and shop areas, to reduce product shrinkage, as well as optimize shelf inventory levels. Speaker: Antonio Rizzi, Ph.D., Full Professor—Industrial Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Parma