Using RFID to Track Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

By Doug

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Tire manufacturer Michelin is supplying an RFID-enabled version of tires to some of London's buses, with a goal of making it simpler for bus-fleet managers to monitor tire pressure, and thereby improve safety and efficiency. Bus-service provider Stagecoach London's double-decker buses' tires are equipped with passive EPC RFID tags and wireless air-pressure sensors that can record a tire's pressure and tread depth within a matter of seconds. Michelin embeds EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification tags into tire sidewalls during the manufacturing process, enabling the city's bus-fleet operators, or the tire manufacturer's staff, to use RFID to automatically identify each tire at the time that its pressure is being measured. The tags are used in conjunction with wireless pressure sensors that measure a tire's air pressure and then transmit that data at 433 MHz. Through the Stagecoach deployment, learn how Michelin has been involved in RFID general development for tire applications, and how it is moving toward RFID usage in the service and solutions area. Learn how this technology can be applied to commercial trucking and transportation.
Speaker: Michel Lahouratate, Truck and Bus Division, Worldwide Coordinator for Retread and Services, Michelin