Using RFID to Optimize Medical Device Inventories at St. Elizabeth Medical Center

By Doug

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St. Elizabeth Medical Center, in Utica, is one of the busiest cardiac catheterization and electrophsiology labs in the mid-New York State region. The hospital performs more than 5,000 procedures each year, and typically has a cardiac device inventory valued at more than $1 million on hand. The lab deployed an RFID-enabled inventory-management solution to track and manage implantable devices, which can carry price tags of $1,000 to $30,000. Prior to implementing the RFID solution, the hospital relied on clinical staff members to manually track inventory. In this session, find out how St. Elizabeths was able to optimize inventory levels and better manage consignment stock, expired products and recall notifications with RFID.
Speaker: Halsey Bagg, Director of Cardiology Services, St. Elizabeth Medical Center