RFID Saves Bon Secours Richmond $2 Million Annually

By Doug

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After five years of employing an RFID-based real-time location system (RTLS) to manage assets, and following 18 months of tracking patients in operating rooms, health-care company Bon Secours Richmond Health System has seen an annual savings of $2 million. The savings come as a result of drastically reducing the amount of rental equipment utilized by the firm's four hospitals, as well as decreasing the incidence of lost or stolen equipment. The asset-tracking portion of the deployment included attaching 433 MHz active RFID tags to 11,000 assets, such as IV pumps, wheelchairs and stretchers, to make the management of equipment more effective. In this session, learn how the system has saved the staff time, while also cutting in half the number of phone calls placed by employees to locate equipment required for surgeries.

Speaker: Kathy Santini, VP of Surgical Services, Bon Secours Richmond Health System