Omni-ID – Sense IoT Devices – The Future of Tracking, Monitoring, Sensing and Data Gathering

By Mark Roberti

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Omni-ID launched a range of intelligent and powerful IoT devices in early 2020. The Sense range has models focusing on Asset Management/Logistics and Conditioning Monitoring harnessing the power of BLE and LoRaWAN. Since the launch Omni-ID have launched ‘OmniSphere’ software as a fully formed cloud based IoT platform that integrates all data from Sense devices in one place providing simple data collection, interpretation, storage and visualization. The range is growing fast and new developments include devices that include Quuppa technology to provide highly accurate position data for detailed asset or personal tracking (as well as a solution that enforces and monitors social distancing). There are also new additions including a push button alert device and a range finder that triggers alerts based on distances being measured to show if a receptacle is full or empty etc.

Speaker: Matthieu Behroozi, Product Manager, Omni-ID