Moving the Industry Forward: The Item-Level RFID Initiative

By Doug

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A coalition of industry groups, including retailers, manufacturers and other retail associations, have teamed up to create the Item-Level RFID Initiative, in order to provide recommendations for EPC tagging at the item level, to be used by retailers and their suppliers. Members of the group are developing measurable value propositions for retailers, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as standards-based guidelines and business practices for each use case to support industry rollout. In this session, a panel comprising leading retailers will discuss some of the research done under the Item-Level RFID Initiative, where retailers see benefits, and why there is interest in moving the industry forward together under the initiative.

Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean and Wells Fargo Professor, College of Business, Auburn University

Myron Burke, Director, Store Innovation and Electronic Product Code, Wal-Mart Stores;
Steve Karrmann, Director, Supply Chain, EDI & RFID Supplier Support, JC Penney Company;
Chuck Lasley, Director of Merchandising and Supply Chain Applications, Dillard’s;
Pam Sweeney, SVP Logistics Systems, Macy’s