Monitoring Fresh Produce Temperatures During Shipping

By Doug

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The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is conducting a pilot project aimed at monitoring the temperatures of fresh produce during shipping. The project has been put in place to determine if there are any patterns that can be identified that could be used to prevent the produce from heating up on the airport tarmac, or at other locations. During the pilot, battery-assisted passive radio frequency identification tags are inserted into a cavity in plastic pallets. Using a handheld scanner, data from the pallets' RFID tags is collected as produce is loaded onto a pallet, when a truck is unloaded at the airport, when the pallet is loaded into the truck at the destination airport and upon arrival at a distribution center. In this session, learn how the project is expected to be used to establish a documented cold chain control model that could be implemented between Hawaii and Asia, Mexico, and the U.S. mainland.


Dr. John M. Ryan, Administrator, Quality Assurance Division, Hawaii State Department of Agriculture