Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC) Improves Product Availability for Orthopedic Loaner Sets With RFID

By Mark Roberti

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Getting the right products to the right place at the right time is critical to the orthopedic loaner set replenishment process at Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC). Orthopedic products are delivered to customers in loaner sets for each individual surgery. A set contains hundreds of products because surgeons don’t know exactly which items they will need until a procedure is underway. A surgeon will utilize some products in the set, then return the unused items to JJSC’s distribution centers for reconciliation and restocking. Although the firm already used RFID to track the complete loaner set, it needed a standard solution that would work throughout the entire supply chain. Learn how JJSC improved the orthopedic loaner set replenishment process while standardizing RFID tagging with GS1 EPC standards. Hear how the time saved because of the deployment has resulted in improved cycle times and product availability.

Speaker: Aleasha Burnell, Director of Quality Systems Applications, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC)