Increasing Patient Safety and Nurse Work Efficiency Via RFID

By Doug

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A 270-bed hospital in Tokyo, Japan, has implemented an intelligent nursing information system using handheld terminals with bar-code and RFID capabilities. This terminal facilitates the real-time confirmation and updating of patient information stored in the hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. One of the most important aspects of phase one of this project is injection safety. At a patient’s bedside, immediately prior to injection, drugs are compared with the latest prescription information stored in the EMR, by simply reading the bar codes on the drugs and the RFID tag on the patient’s wristband. This system is connected with an injection drug inventory and traceability solution that reflects injection drug picking and mixing data, also entered via the handhelds. Learn how RFID promotes patient safety while reducing drug inventory shrinkage. And hear how the system will be expanded to include medical equipment control by RFID during the implementation’s second phase.

Akira Nakamura, General Manager, Sanraku Hospital