Improving Traceability With IoT-Enabled Smart Trailers

By Mark Roberti

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This session will explore how companies are using Internet of Things (IoT) enablement of semi-trailers for autonomous traceability (with or without connection to a power unit), load management, and the monitoring of various aspects of trailer performance and safety. Traceability will be accomplished through the use of GPS and cellular LTE equipment, along with solar power technology. Key takeaways: Learn how adding a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) receiver and beacons to loads (pallets, racks and loose items) will allow the team to identify the crossing of the vehicle threshold and the position of the load within the trailer. Additionally, with the BLE infrastructure already in place, hear how critical safety systems and other components are monitored via BLE beacon sensors.

Speaker: Ben Zoghi, Director of Master of Engineering in Technical Management (METM), Texas A&M University