Internet of Things Track Presentation Recordings and Slides

By Mark Roberti

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Below you will find links to the recordings and slides from the Internet of Things Track sessions held during  RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! 2020.


Wed., Sept. 30, 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM
The Current State of the Internet of Things
In this session, get a brief summary of the status of the Internet of Things and learn how connected devices are making a real impact across a growing number of industries. Key takeaways: Hear some examples of the IoT in use today, as well as the technology’s impact. Gain insight as to where it’s headed in the near future.
Speaker: Steve Halliday, President, High Tech Aid

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Wed., Sept. 30, 3:15 PM – 3:45 PM
Transforming Manufacturing With IoT
Today, new products are churned out at a rapid pace and require uninterrupted, efficient communication between production facilities for smooth production. Manufacturers need to accurately monitor all of their assets throughout the supply chain to avoid unnecessary loss of both raw materials and finished products. From asset tracking to remote monitoring, from fleet management to environmental measurement, adopting IoT solutions into the manufacturing process enables businesses to streamline their operations while reducing cost across the business. Key takeaways: The industry is under intense pressure to increase productivity, make business processes more efficient and meet sustainability targets. Learn how IoT can be a potential answer in the midst of this growing pressure. Hear use cases outlining how efficient and automated information gathering enables IoT technology to transform the manufacturing industry.
Speaker: Ludovico Fassati, Head of IoT, Vodafone Americas

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Wed., Sept. 30, 4:15 PM – 4:45 PM
Improving Traceability With IoT-Enabled Smart Trailers
This session will explore how companies are using Internet of Things (IoT) enablement of semi-trailers for autonomous traceability (with or without connection to a power unit), load management, and the monitoring of various aspects of trailer performance and safety. Traceability will be accomplished through the use of GPS and cellular LTE equipment, along with solar power technology. Key takeaways: Learn how adding a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) receiver and beacons to loads (pallets, racks and loose items) will allow the team to identify the crossing of the vehicle threshold and the position of the load within the trailer. Additionally, with the BLE infrastructure already in place, hear how critical safety systems and other components are monitored via BLE beacon sensors.
Speaker: Ben Zoghi, Director of Master of Engineering in Technical Management (METM), Texas A&M University

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