GM Engine Plant Improves Component Machining Processes With RFID

By Doug

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While launching two major engine programs, General Motors has replaced conventional vision- and probe-based track-and-trace and part-type-verification hardware at its Tonawanda engine plant with an RFID system, providing reliable, comprehensive in-process verification and tracking capability. Bolted to engine blocks and heads, an RFID tag travels through dozens of machining and inspection processes, providing prerequisite information and part type verification to each operation before any work is performed. Additional benefits include the implementation of rework and prototype strategies. Learn how the system ensures parts are properly manufactured, provides detailed track-and-trace data, saves GM money and eliminates costly errors—all of which contribute to producing high-quality engines that power award-winning vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado and Corvette Stingray.

Mark Chiappetta, Controls Manager, Tonawanda Engine Plant, General Motors