Fighting Counterfeiting With “Unclonable” RFID Chips (Part 1)

By Doug

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Counterfeiting is a huge global problem. Some estimates put the losses at more than $600 billion per year. This problem impacts most all geographies and most industries, including luxury products, food, pharmaceuticals, auto and airline parts, currency, IDs and documents to the computer, electronics and networking industries. RFID can help by moving beyond identification, to authentication. To that end, Verayo has introduced “the world’s first-ever ‘unclonable’ RFID chip.” In this webinar, the company will provide an overview of the breakthrough silicon biometrics technology behind its “unclonable” RFID chip, and the strong, robust RFID authentication scheme this technology provides for anti-counterfeiting and security applications. Speaker: Vivek Khandelwal, Director of Marketing, Verayo, Inc.