Embedded RFID Workshop: A Look Inside Today’s Embedded RFID

The term “embedded RFID” generally refers to incorporating UHF RFID technology into an electronic device. The key use cases for this technology are currently electronic device configuration and consumables authentication. The technological innovation behind these uses cases is “zero-power communications,” in which an RFID reader can configure an electronic device, or authenticate an unpowered consumable inserted into that device, with no power available to the device or consumable. Unpowered communications will change our future in unimaginable ways. In this session, Chris Diorio, UHF Gen 2 project editor and Impinj’s CTO, will describe the underlying technology, explain how to use it and expand on the uses afforded by unpowered communications in the next-generation UHF Gen 2 protocol.

Chris Diorio, CTO, Impinj