Demonstration of Item-Level RFID in Retail and Supply Chain Applications

By Doug

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At RFID Journal LIVE! 2013, the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center demonstrated retailer and supplier applications in the noisy exhibit hall environment. The researchers showed how serialized data can be written to RFID transponders on items; how RFID can be used to alert workers when the wrong number of items are picked, the right number but wrong items are picked and when extra items are picked; how every shipment can be audited and how suppliers can investigate only those items with a problem; how cycle counts can be done quickly and effectively and how they can improve inventory accuracy by revealing items that have been stolen or misplaced, frozen inventory and other issues; how retailers can quickly find a specific item – the right color, size and fit – for the customer with RFID; and how RFID can be used to reduce theft and identify stolen items.