Centimeter-scale Positioning of Passive UHF RFIDs: A Novel Reader Technology and its Applications to Robotics and Retail

By Mark Roberti

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Monday, Sept. 27, 4:20 PM – 4:55 PM
This session will describe a new award-winning MIT technology for locating passive off-the-shelf UHF RFID tags with centimeter-scale accuracy. The technology can read, locate, and track unmodified RFIDs and improve visibility in practical indoor environments. The presenter will also describe a robot that uses this technology with machine learning and computer vision to enable novel tasks that were not possible before.
Key takeaways:
* Learn about the world’s first RFID reader that can locate off-the-shelf passive UHF tags with centimeter-scale accuracy in multipath-rich indoor environments
* Gain insight into how the technology can be used to increase visibility in retail stores and enable efficient processes for search, putaway, and retrieval
* Discover how the team is building new AI tools that combine this reader with computer vision to enable new robotic tasks in warehouses, manufacturing, and micro-logistics
* Hear about how the team is commercializing the technology
Speaker: Fadel Adib, Associate Professor and Founding Director of Signal Kinetics Lab, MIT