RFID Journal to Host Webinar on Tagging Sellable Units

By Admin

The free webinar is aimed at Sam's Club suppliers and others interested in learning ways to tag sellable units cost-effectively.

RFID Journal will host a free hour-long webinar on Oct. 1, at 2:00 pm EDT, explaining how to tag sellable units cost-effectively. Entitled "How Sam's Club Suppliers Can Tag Sellable Units Cost-Effectively," the session will be presented by Mark Roberti, RFID Journal's founder and editor, and is aimed at suppliers of Sam's Club and others interested in understanding how to integrate radio frequency identification into their supply chain.

To help Sam's Club's suppliers save time and money—and reap benefits from the tagging requirements—RFID Journal has produced The Complete Guide to Meeting Sam's Club's EPC RFID Tagging Requirements. In this webinar, Roberti will present highlights from the in-depth publication, and walk Sam's Club suppliers through the steps they must take in order to tag sellable units cost-effectively.

Topics will include:

  • Evaluating products and business processes to determine the proper place to tag within a company's operations
  • Choosing the right tagging approach based on a particular product, process and company strategy
  • Building an IT integration strategy that supports how and when tags will be applied
  • Creating a rollout plan that can begin with a simple "slap-and-ship" approach, then progress, as needed, to a fully automated method
  • Using EPC RFID data from Sam's Club to achieve business benefits

"Sam's Club is asking its suppliers to begin tagging sellable units on Oct. 31, 2009," Roberti says, "and they will need to tag all sellable units by Oct. 31, 2010. That's achievable if companies start now and have a clear roadmap in a way that saves them money, rather than costs them a lot of money. That's what we are providing."

To learn more about the webinar, and to register, visit www.rfidjournal.com/webinar.