RFID Journal LIVE! on Demand

By Mark Roberti

If you were unable to attend our conference in April—or if you did attend, but missed a particular session—you can now watch and listen to the speakers' presentations on our Web site.

Ever since our first RFID Journal LIVE! conference in 2003, we have tried to capture the great content being shared at the event, so that we could make it available to those unable to attend. We also like to make the content available to attendees interested in reviewing a specific presentation, or those who missed a speaker because they were sitting in on another session. We post PDFs of the PowerPoint presentations on our Web site each year (except when a speaker asks us not to post his or hers), but the PDFs alone tell only a small part of the story.

At first, we recorded and transcribed the audio portion of each presentation, but as the number of sessions expanded, the labor involved became overwhelming. We also considered videotaping each session, but that wasn't feasible either, due to the high cost involved. Finally, after years spent searching for the right solution, we found a clever software program enabling us to record a presentation on a computer. As a result, we can now offer our Premium Members the ability to watch a video of a presentation—not of the speaker, but of the PowerPoint file that was used, in conjunction with that speaker's narration. (We will still provide access to PDFs of the presentations, of course, for those who want them.)

We have captured, edited and posted more than 40 case studies presented at this year's event. This week's featured story—10 Presentations From RFID Journal LIVE! 2009—includes keynote speeches by Thomas Beckmann, head of supply chain for Charles Vögele Group, and Charles Fletcher, director of logistics command and control at Boeing. You can learn how companies in a wide range of industries employed RFID to cut costs, improve operations and boost sales.

I'm extremely excited about this development. Nothing matches being at one of our events, hearing the speakers, meeting the exhibitors and networking with other attendees. But to be able to capture a large portion of the great educational program at LIVE! and make it available to our Premium Members is very important. Registered users who wish to purchase access to specific sessions can click on the desired headlines and select "Purchase this article."

We named our flagship event RFID Journal LIVE! because we envisioned it as our content come to life—that is, it would enable you to hear live case studies similar to those offered on our Web site, and in our print magazine. Now, we've taken it full circle, by bringing the conference's education back to the site. I listened to some of the recordings because I wasn't able to sit in on many sessions during the event, and I found them to be very informative. I'm sure you will, too.

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