RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 Keynote Speakers to Discuss RFID Deployments Under Way for Honda, the U.S. Army and Auburn University

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RFID Journal's 15th annual event, being held in Phoenix, Ariz., on May. 9-11, will feature an impressive lineup of keynotes and general sessions.


NEW YORK, Mar. 22, 2017—RFID Journal announced today that speakers from Honda, the U.S. Army and Auburn University will be featured in general sessions at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017. The conference and exhibition will be held on May 9-11, at Arizona’s Phoenix Convention Center. Key themes among all of these sessions will be the use of RFID to improve the customer experience and business operations, as well as increase efficiency in inventory management.

Jason Philpot, the manager of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, will discuss how his company cuts costs of managing finished inventory with RFID. Honda has solved the problem of managing finished inventory at its Indiana plant, by implementing an RFID system that includes solar-powered fixed readers and an innovative in-car reader. Philpot will explain how the system has reduced the expense of hiring workers during peak new-model periods by 80 percent, and how it has decreased the amount of time required to perform critical quality checks.

Brigadier General Patrick Burden, from the Army’s Program Executive Office of Enterprise Information Systems, will explain how the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is transforming its supply chain with automatic-identification technologies (AIT), including RFID. This session will highlight the DoD’s strategic focus on enhancing asset visibility in a manner that provides the ability to track assets throughout their lifecycle, while transforming asset data into actionable information that supports logistics decisions.

Dr. Bill Hardgrave, the dean of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, will discuss how companies can successfully manage the transition to a new retailing paradigm, in which social media and ubiquitous connectivity are driving new shopping habits and customer expectations. He will explain how technologies like RFID will enable this transition, which will influence store reconfiguration and changes in the data-integrated supply chain. Dr. Hardgrave will share logical, business-driven steps to meet customer expectations and achieve real transformation.

LIVE! 2017 will also feature four industry-specific and four technical conference tracks, as well as eight in-depth preconference seminars and workshops, four post-conference seminars, fast-track training provided by RFID4U, and RFID Professional Institute certification. The event will be hosted alongside the IEEE RFID 2017 event and the 2017 RFID Journal Awards. What’s more, the event will offer exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the industry’s leading technology firms. For more information, visit www.rfidjournalevents.com/live.

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