Unlock RFID’s Full Potential in Retail

From open supply chain visibility to visual merchandising, this webinar uncovers unusual applications and advantages of RFID in manufacturing and distribution as well as at the store. With its distinctive experience in operations and supply chain management, Murata ID Solutions has engineered RFID systems that provide full end-to-end supply chain visibility and optimize manufacturing and logistics operations for retailers worldwide. The company will demonstrate how high-end fashion retailers are deploying Murata’s RFID solutions at the manufacturing and distribution levels, along with the outcomes and benefits.

At the store level, Murata has pushed visibility to the highest extent, in order to apply RFID not only to inventory counts but also to replenishment from the back room, as well as visual merchandising. A leading retailer uses Murata’s technology to gain visibility into how well its merchandise performs at specific store display locations.

Learn how advanced technologies and business-intelligence tools can turn important RFID data into valuable assets, providing a competitive advantage at every step of the product cycle. Discover how to leverage your RFID investments and bring your deployments to a new level.

Speaker: Francesco Fantoni Guerci, CEO, Murata ID Solutions

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