How Do You Test RFID Applications?

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Ask The ExpertsHow Do You Test RFID Applications?
RFID Journal Staff asked 15 years ago

How do you test RFID applications?


I guess that depends on what you mean by test. You can deploy RFID readers and tag objects, then test whether the tags can be read in your environment, and on your products or assets. That's fairly obvious, though, so perhaps you're asking how to test whether an application will deliver the benefits expected. The only way to do that is to conduct a pilot. In the Best Practices section of our Web site, we offer a detailed article explaining how to launch a pilot or field trial (see Plan an RFID Field Trial That Delivers. The steps outlined in that article are:

1. Define potential use cases.

2. Analyze the current business processes involved for each specific use


3. Determine the magnitude of the benefit.

4. Prioritize your field trials.

5. Define the scope of the field trial.

6. Determine what products to tag, and where to place interrogators.

7. Determine how to measure the results of the field trial.

8. Run the field trial—then run it again.

9. Determine the ROI.

10. Combine use cases.

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