Can RFID Tags Be Used for Inventory, Stock Management and Security?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsCan RFID Tags Be Used for Inventory, Stock Management and Security?
RFID Journal Staff asked 15 years ago

I am trying to source an RFID tag that can be utilized for inventory and stock management within our stores. I would like the tag to be covert, as I intend to use it as a security device. Can you advise if there is something like this that actually exists, that can be used immediately?

—Jan, Australia


Dear Jan,

Almost any passive RFID tag can be employed for inventory management in apparel retail, because apparel is RF-friendly. The right one depends on many factors, such as the layout of your stores, the applications for which you intend to use the tags, and so forth. I know of several companies that have developed RFID tags that can be sewn into labels, but I do not know any that currently market them.

Privacy concerns make it dangerous to use tags in clothing. If your customers learn there is a tag embedded in their clothes that they can't see, they will assume you are using it to spy on them. Checkpoint Systems and ADT have developed combination EAS-RFID tags that might be a better option (see Checkpoint Bridges EAS-RFID Gap, New System Joins RFID and EAS and RFID News Roundup: ADT Europe Develops RFID-EAS System).

—Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal

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