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  • RFID Robots On The Horizon

    CNET ran an article last week on the developments in RFID-enabled robots, a field that is fast moving from science fiction to reality.

  • Emirates Will Use RFID to Track Air Cargo

    By Mark Roberti

    At a new cargo facility in Dubai, the airline will use active RFID to track assets and move to passive tags on cargo.

  • SF Library Denied Funds for RFID

    By Mary Catherine O’Connor

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors' Budget Committee rejected a request by the city’s library system to reserve funds for an RFID project in the coming fiscal year.

  • Why RFID Tag Counterfeiting is Unlikely

    A recent piece in AIM Global analyzes the feasibility of RFID tag counterfeiting, concluding that it would be so problematic for the would-be counterfeiter as to render the proposition unattractive.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Ari Juels

    Omron announces three RFID starter kits; Reva offers SLRRP open source code; Microsoft names RFID hardware partners, demos RFID capability; report points to significant five-year growth in Chinese RFID market; Thompson joins VeriChip’s board.

  • Wrap-up of Smart Labels 2005

    IDTechEx, host of the recent Smart Labels USA conference yesterday published a recap of the event. Highlighted in this article are the key take-aways and factoids from presentations and the trade show floor.

  • Intellident Debuts UHF RFID Portals

    By Jonathan Collins

    The U.K. RFID systems integrator joins forces with hardware makers Philips, Rafsec and Feig to provide portal systems specifically for retail and automotive supply chains.

  • Amended Calif. Bill Softens RFID Restrictions

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Before approving the proposed Identity Information Protection Act, the state's Assembly Judiciary Committee replaced prohibitions with a three-year moratorium on RFID use in some IDs.

  • Taking a Bigger Picture Look at RFID

    Many RFID Update readers responded with an unshaken confidence in RFID's potential to yesterday's coverage of VDC's bearish article on the short-term RFID market.

  • VDC: Near-term RFID Opportunity Barely Profitable

    Venture Development Corporation authored an article whose sobering thesis was that the hype surrounding RFID had produced dramatic overestimations about the near-term market's growth potential.

  • India Adopts 865-867 MHz for RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    Regulators in India recently designated 865-867 MHz as the country's UHF RFID spectrum, in line with the frequencies used by the United States and Europe.

  • Labs Use Tags for Cold Storage

    By Jonathan Collins

    Four French hospital research laboratories are using RFID to identify biological specimens stored in liquid nitrogen.

  • ODIN and Unisys Launch 24x7 RFID Support

    RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies and giant systems integrator Unisys this week announced a partnership to provide 24x7 remote and onsite RFID support services, something the companies are hailing as an industry first.

  • ISO Reconsidering E-Seal Specification

    By Stephen Barlas

    A vote to finalize ISO’s draft e-seal specification is being delayed to assess issues that might make e-seals more expensive but perhaps more secure.

  • Sun Makes Dumb RFID Readers Smarter

    Sun Microsystems announced the expansion of its RFID portfolio yesterday with the introduction of RFID software for Java-enabled RFID readers and appliances.

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