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  • New Industrial-Strength Tag From Sokymat

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The company's IN Tag is designed to withstand harsh processes, including those that involve water, high temperatures and mechanical stress.

  • Car Dealership Finds RFID the Key to Increased Sales

    By Claire Swedberg

    Bob Lewis Automotive is using RFID-enabled car keys to automatically track test-drives, improve security and simplify key access for salespeople at its Volkswagen showroom in San Jose, Calif.

  • Unilever Launches Trial Using EPCIS Protocol

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The trial uses software that complies with EPCglobal’s proposed Electronic Product Code Information Services draft standard, following a successful test involving an EPCIS-based data repository from IBM and data analysis application from T3Ci.

  • Surgical Sponges Get Smart

    By Beth Bacheldor

    A Pittsburgh-based startup has developed a system consisting of passive tags and a wand-like RFID interrogator that can detect if any sponges are mistakenly left inside a patient.

  • AudioTel Uses RFID to Protect Financial Data

    By Claire Swedberg

    A provider of software and services for financial institutions, the company is using an RFID-based access-control and asset-tracking system to prevent theft or loss of banking records.

  • Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for July

    Baird has released its July report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

  • New RFID Chip Product Launch Imminent

    The official launch of a Gen2 chip product is expected very soon. While no one would go on record with respect to the development, a number of sources have confirmed that in the coming weeks at least one silicon manufacturer will be announcing the availability of Gen2 chips in production quantities.

  • Study Shows Big Growth for RFID Printer-Encoders

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A report from Venture Development Corp. says the market will increase nearly 80 percent annually during the next four years.

  • At Wentworth Club, RFID Tags Are Members-Only

    By Jonathan Collins

    To facilitate a policy that lets members just show up and play at designated courses, golf bags sport active RFID tags for tracking usage.

  • Medical Distributor Puts RFID Tags on Equipment

    By Beth Bacheldor

    To improve product maintenance and reduce shrinkage, Wren Medical Systems is adding active RFID tags to wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators and other equipment it rents to its customers.

  • Demand-Driven Supply Networks Give RFID Momentum

    AMR Research data collected from over 450 retailers and manufacturers suggests that DDSN leaders are turning to RFID to instrument and accelerate their sensor networks. Analyst Colin Masson discusses how RFID is gaining momentum as demand-driven supply chains become a reality.

  • Mat Maker Embeds Tags for Traceability

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Composite Mat Solutions is placing a tag in each mat it manufactures in order to improve its manufacturing records and track each mat, either to the point of sale or throughout its rental lifespan.

  • RFID Journal Appoints New Sales Executive

    By Andrew Price

    The company has appointed John DelMauro vice president of sales.

  • Hospital Tries ZigBee to Track Patients

    By Beth Bacheldor

    To expedite the treatment of patients at its emergency department, Saint Luke's East-Lee's Summit, in Missouri, tracked patients by means of ZigBee-based RFID tags.

  • RFID Changing Buying Behavior

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    MasterCard says RFID-enabled payment cards are leading to significant changes at the cash register, while a Visa survey finds cell phones are a promising payment form factor.

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