RFID News Roundup

Published: September 21, 2023

Fairview Microwave released RFID antennas for asset and inventory tracking; Splitcoin offers NFC mobile app for cryptocurrency coins; Gold Bar Whiskey offers BLE enabled whiskey collection; Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi 6 module designed for smart devices; Energy harvesting solution built for IoT with Atmosic and Nichicon partnership. 

Fairview Microwave Released RFID Antennas for Asset and Inventory Tracking 

Texas-based Fairview Microwave Inc. has introduced RFID antennas to provide enhanced performance of RFID applications in inventory management, asset tracking, and ID verification, the company says. 

The newly released antennas operate from 900 MHz to 2,400 MHz to ensure efficient and uninterrupted RFID tag reading. The antennas include SMA female, N female, and RP TNC male connectors, making them compatible with most RFID readers. 

The antennas also include right-hand circular polarization (RHCP) for high-quality signal reception and data extraction. The company says the new products offer high-gain performance, low-voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and wide beamwidth to optimize reading range and enhance overall performance of RFID systems. 

Splitcoin offers NFC Mobile App for Cryptocurrency Coins 

California technology company Splitcoin Inc. makes self-custody solutions for cryptocurrency users to manually encrypt their seed phrases, using a mobile application and NFC-enabled coins. The company recently completed a design review of the “Splitcoin Manual Seed Phrase Encryption” white paper by Least Authority, a security consulting firm. 

With the solution, users create a vault for their seed phrase by manually encrypting it via an auto scrolling code book. The code book is unlocked by a unique vault key, which can be divided and stored across a set of NFC-enabled, physical coins. If users want to retrieve their seed phrase, they use their phones to scan the coins and input their password. This enables them to open the vault so that they can then decrypt their seed phrase with a code book. 

The Splitcoin mobile application is being made available for both iOS and Android devices. The application can run on a device that is placed permanently into airplane mode, if desired. For further security, it does not write or store data to online locations, such as cloud services or databases. 

Gold Bar Whiskey Offers BLE Enabled Whiskey Collection 

Gold Bar Spirits is releasing the Joe Montana whiskey collection this month as a special edition offering. Each bottle comes with NFC technology to enable consumers to access content about the product and about Joe Montana and his former NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers.  

The Blend No. 273 Is a triple-casked (aged) American whiskey, bottled at 82 proof. The artwork on the bottle incorporates the 49ers quarterback, while the label comes with “The Patch” that includes a built in NFC chip provided by Avery Dennison. When users tap their phone against the label they are directed to exclusive Joe Montana content, including a “secret video” of Montana at the Gold Bar distillery preparing his signature cocktail. The Patch’s content also features a full recipe for the Joe Montana specialty drink.  

The Gold Bar Whiskey blend will be released for the holidays around Thanksgiving. 

Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi 6 Module Designed for Smart Devices 

Telit Cinterion has released a new module that features the Realtek RTL8852BE chipset 82 dot 11, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.2, as well as featuring Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance certifications. 

The low power module includes dual band, dual stream Wi-Fi, and dual mode Bluetooth BLE for flexible use cases. The module is designed to give original equipment manufacturers the flexibility to design products that could connect to other local devices or to the Internet over Wi-Fi. The module is intended to be used in smart home, health care, and medical applications, as well as for use in industrial and commercial environments. Other applications include after-market original equipment manufacturer (OEM) telematics, fleet management, smart cities and parking, printers, asset management, and pet/animal trackers. 

The module is available in sample versions this fall, with mass production beginning in December. 

Energy Harvesting Solution Built for IoT with Atmosic and Nichicon Partnership 

Ultra-low power wireless platforms company Atmosic Technologies and electronic component supplier Nichicon Corporation have joined forces to provide an energy harvesting solution for small form factor IoT devices. The solution will combine Nichicon’s smart lithium titanate (SLB) rechargeable battery technology with Atmosic’s ATM33e, a series of wireless Bluetooth energy harvesting SOCs. The goal is to provide developers with a full solution that can be easily integrated into wearables. 

The technology is intended to make products extremely low power by offering extended battery operation in a very small form factor. Devices also could be recharged from harvested energy sources without the need for a separate power management unit (PMU), the companies say. By enabling energy efficiency and highly integrated design the companies say users and developers will save space and cost as they build their products.