RF-Star, Nedap, Spectralink, Janam: RFID Journal News Roundup

Published: February 8, 2024

RF-Star releases low-power, high-performance BLE modules; Spectralink selling new RTLS smartphone for workers; Janam offers new smart access control solution

RF-Star Releases Low Power, High Performance BLE Modules

RF wireless modules manufacturer RF-Star is offering four new Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (BLE) modules for IoT products: the RF-BM-2340B1I, RF-BM-2340A2, RF-BM-2340A2I and RF-BM-2340C2.

The new modules were built to deliver industrial-grade performance, at low power, for connecting devices used in medical applications, building automation, consumer electronics, energy storage systems and vehicles.

The four new modules include optimized 2.4GHz RF transceiver with what the company calls a user-friendly design, as well as easy-to-use software and tools.

Additionally, the 2340C2 module offers multi-protocol functionality to include Zigbee 3.2 and proprietary 2.4 GHz. It incorporates a 48 MHz ARM Cortex processor and programmable flash of 512 KB. The small size makes it possible to be embedded into a space-constrained application.

Spectralink Selling New RTLS Smartphone for Workers

Enterprise mobility company Spectralink has released the next generation of its Versity smartphone devices for the workplace with its Versity 97 Series.

Versity 97 brings new functionality for mobile workers including real-time location system (RTLS) via BLE. The latest device can be used to locate missing equipment or assets, as it tracks worker and equipment movement in real time if they are BLE enabled and within range.

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The smartphone includes six programable buttons, camera and barcode scanner technology along with the BLE location beacon.

Spetralink officials report that the new phone comes with a class-leading processor and AI noise suppression. It’s built to be easily carried with a slim, rugged and lightweight form factor.

Users can activate the new phone with the push of a button, or automatically with motion sensors, to provide a handsfree experience for deskless workers whether they are in healthcare or industrial settings. The Versity 97 Integrates with most call server platforms and Android applications and offers Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity for high performance on crowded networks.

Janam Offers New Smart Access Control Solution

Janam Technologies, maker of rugged mobile computers and contactless access solutions, has developed a new mobile entry pedestal recently exhibited at the INTIX Conference and Exhibition at Caesars Palace.

The GTX builds on the predecessor GTI mobile entry pedestal to provide better automated access control and to improve patron experience with the most versatile and affordable solution for secure entry.

GTX is powered by a Janam mobile computer which acts as ticket scanner. Tickets can be inserted into the top portion of the unit and then automatically authenticated. With GTX, venues can deploy either handheld or mobile pedestal formats, depending on their specific needs. GTX completes solutions for those already using GTI mobile entry to include the new mobile pedestal.

GTX combines barcode scanning and 13.56 MHz near-field communication (NFC) functionality compliant with ISO 14443, along with what the company calls an ultra-flexible and lightweight design. The solution is designed for use in sports stadiums, arenas, theaters, museums, aquariums, multi-purpose facilities for live entertainment and hospitality venues.

Additionally, Janam continues to innovate support for NFC features of Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Equipped with tap-and-go NFC technology in ticketing and access control, GTX aims to serve venues transitioning to, or already utilizing, mobile tickets and wallet passes.