Radix IoT, Packetcraft, Avnet: RFID Journal News Roundup

Published: January 19, 2024

Radix IoT releases enhanced IoT platform, Packetcraft offers demo kit for Embedded BLE, Avnet brings LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk to its IoTConnect

Radix IoT Releases Enhanced IoT Platform

IoT Technology company Radix IoT LLC released its Mango 5.1 IoT platform–an open-source solution for smart manufacturing and building automation equipment and devices.

The new offering comes with enhanced MQTT for advanced scalability and monitoring of globally diverse facilities, the company says. The MQTT open-source protocol for data exchange and communication between IoT devices enables Mango 5.1 to reduce bandwidth usage. That is intended to make IoT systems more resilient, with higher performance and greater reliability, as well as the ability to scale.

Technology users can employ MQTT with existing devices in their portfolio to communicate on any of the other 21 protocols Mango supports.

Additionally, Mango 5.1 includes enhancements such as “event suppression” persistence, “maintenance events” support, “expanded device integration,” browser compliance and security updates.

Packetcraft Offers Demo Kit for Embedded BLE Audio

Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stacks and software company Packetcraft released its Wireless Multi-Microphone Demo Kit based on Bluetooth LE Audio technology at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

The company’s software solution supports a new market for standards-based wireless microphone accessories for mobile devices and computers. Packetcraft is promoting Bluetooth LE Audio as an advancement in quality and low latency operation. Additionally, the company is offering its Link Robustness Package to help maintain link quality while also coexisting with neighboring networks.

The kit includes two Nordic Semiconductor Thingy-53 IoT prototyping platforms, built-in microphones, a Nordic nRF5340-DK with Packetcraft Audio Interface Board, and runs Packetcraft’s BLE solution with Bluetooth Qualified Host, Controller, LC3 codec, and the wireless multi-microphone sample application.

Developers using the kit can evaluate range, performance and robustness of two simultaneous audio links with latency as low as tens of milliseconds.

Avnet Brings LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk to its IoTConnect

Avnet has released its IoTConnect solution to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) develop IoT devices on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The release includes support for LoRaWAN gateways and devices as well as support for Amazon Sidewalk-enabled devices. Amazon Sidewalk is a long-range, low-bandwidth, community network for IoT devices.

The release serves as the latest version of IoTConnect powered by AWS 2.1 to enable a wider range of low-power wireless technologies. By integrating LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk to the platform, Avnet says OEMs will have more options to IoT connectivity.

Avnet’s IoTConnect platform is an alternative to building a microservices-based IoT platform from scratch, the company says. Users can concentrate on their application and start capturing data insights quickly.

The platform service provides an all-inclusive interface for device management, data storage, application development, along with robust device and cloud security. Amazon Sidewalk compatible devices need to be qualified for the Works With Sidewalk program.