New IoT Solution Available for Youth Sports

Published: May 1, 2024


  • Kore and GoRout are partnering to transform on-field sports coaching and player performance.
  • Real-time data transmission will allow coaches and players to interact during both practice and games through wearables

In an leap forward for youth sports, IoT company Kore and GoRout, the pioneer in coach-to-player communication devices, have announced a partnership set to transform the dynamics of on-field sports coaching and player performance.

This collaboration marries Kore’s, a global leader in IoT solutions, cutting-edge IoT connectivity, solutions, and analytics with GoRout’s wearable technology, offering real-time data transmission that officials from both companies will redefine how coaches and players interact during both practice and games.

For the wider IoT community, this collaboration is a vivid illustration of how IoT technologies can extend beyond traditional applications to drive innovation in sectors as dynamic and diverse as competitive sports. By blending sophisticated analytics with durable, user-friendly devices, Kore, and GoRout are setting a new standard for tech-driven athletic training and performance, promising an exciting future for coaches and players alike.

Sports Technology

The partnership highlights the evolving landscape of youth sports coaching as well as underscores the potential of IoT to foster real-world applications. GoRout’s rugged, high-tech devices enable coaches to instantly relay play calls and strategic adjustments to players via wearable smartwatches, eliminating traditional barriers to communication and the persistent threat of sign stealing.

Romil Bahl, President and CEO of Kore, stated the role IoT technology can play in enhancing athletic performance and the sporting experience.

“IoT is not just revolutionizing business practices but the very ways we engage in and enjoy sports,” Bahl said in a press statement. “Our partnership with GoRout underpins our mission to empower athletes and teams with the data they need to excel, fostering a deeper sense of teamwork and achievement.”

All Sports Levels

The GoRout system is designed to work seamlessly in tall levels of sports ranging from Little League all the way to the NFL, ensuring that teams can adapt and communicate effectively. Officials cited Kore’s Super SIM a component of its Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) suite, which provides network flexibility and coverage as a key to the system. This connectivity solution allows GoRout’s devices to tap into over 400 tier-1 carriers across more than 185 countries, ensuring reliable, secure, and rapid data transmission wherever teams may go.

Mike Rolih, GoRout CEO and Co-Founder, pointed out the critical role of seamless and reliable connectivity in achieving peak performance levels .

“At GoRout, our core mission centers on leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize practice efficiency and gameday execution,” said Rolih.  “Collaborating with Kore enables us to take our innovative GoRout Air Network to new heights, ensuring that our devices deliver unmatched communication speeds and reliability.”

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