New Academic Journal Focused on RFID Releases Call for Papers

The International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications, edited by the RFID Research Center's Bill Hardgrave, is seeking academic papers for its first issue, slated for publication later this year.
Published: July 9, 2008

To date, there has been no academic journal focused on radio frequency identification, but that’s about to change: My friend Bill Hardgrave, director of the University of Arkansas’ RFID Research Center, has been named editor-in-chief of a new peer-reviewed publication, the International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications (see RF Technologies Journal Issues Call for Papers).

The journal will be published by Taylor & Francis, with the first issue due out later this year. Its aim, according to the publisher, will be to provide “a consistent forum for exchanging information and research results regarding RF technology deployment, data analytics and business value creation.”

Potential technologies to be covered in the journal will include:

• Radio frequency identification

• Real-time location sensing

• Near-Field Communication (NFC)

• RF-based sensors

Articles can also cover data analytics, including how to capture, filter, cleanse, manipulate and ultimately utilize RF data. Topics can include:

• Middleware or edgeware

• Business intelligence

• Data mining

The International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications is seeking articles with solid scientific research, but will only publish original and challenging papers that have a clear applicability to the business world and are focused on driving business value.

“Business value is taken in its broadest context as the management, operational or supporting set of linked activities that create value by transforming an input into a more valuable output,” the publisher says. “It can thus be transferred to different industries or different business functions, including retail, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public administration and logistics providers, among others.”

Hardgrave is currently accepting submissions. Your paper will be peer-reviewed and, if accepted, guaranteed rapid publication. Send inquiries to, or visit To submit an article, go to